Seen on TV …

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch last episode of the excellent show “2 broke girls” and guess what ?? It took place during St Patrick’s day in New York and one of the wiiiiiisest character, Ukrainian cook Oleg, proposed the 2 girls a surprisingly awesome product : “PEE FUNNELS !!!”. (the point was to help them during the St Patrick’s parade)

Like he said “just slip one of these babies into your pants and go pee in the park … no mess, no fuss …”

So now I feel like the world is finally ready … I want to send my own disposable pee funnels to every girls in France so women (CEO, pregnant women, wild girls, women working on construction sites, women traveling, etc.) know they don’t have to suffer long squats on dirty toilets or urinary infections from restraining themselves anymore … no …

they can stand up with pride and pee like a fucking lady ! 🙂

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